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The most of our international projects are presented here in brief.
Telecommunication system creation for Sankt-Petersburg oil storage (1998 -1999). Client - Neste (Finland). The job is the most interesting as a good example of system integration projects. To win the contract we had to pass a strict tender but then all the project was implemented hand in hand with the client in the full mutual trust atmosphere. The job was really a complex one and comprised building of the main and redundant channels for local, toll and international communication, installation of a PABX, local wireless communication system organization and burglar alarm transmission system. Being an independent consultant and system integrator we coordinated activities of around a dozen of companies.
Complex of jobs for telecommunication and computer systems modernization of Sankt-Petersburg oil storage (2003-2005). This job is in fact a continuation of the previous one. During its fulfillment our co-operation with Neste substantially widened and now it covers not only telecommunications but computer networks, software, oil tanks automation and fire alarm system.
Investigation of the Russian enterprises working in the field of Internet and multimedia (1999). Client - Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce (Finland). In the project frameworks information was gathered and systematized concerning SPb and Russian companies involved in multimedia and Internet, including research, education, commerce activities and video production. Special attention was put at several higher education establishments.
Development and testing of a prototype of In-Door Area Network (1993 -1998). Client - Italtel - a Stet and Siemens Company s.p.a. (Italy). Typical wireless telecommunications R&D and perhaps the most interesting and creative job we’ve ever done. A kind of a picocellular system for in-door usage. Started from a bare business idea, the job included the physical principle choice, high level and detailed specification development, development of the design documentation, manufacturing and testing of the equipment prototypes. A wide scope of research was made, including radio waves propagation, signal processing methods, signaling procedures and protocols, antennas. The project used a unique Russian wireless interface technique which was invented and developed in one of the most advanced and experienced scientific and industry centers in Russia.
Development of modern telematics services in North-Western Russia (1996-1997). Feasibility study. Client - TEDIM WP 31 Project Consortium (Finland). The project was a part of TEDIM (Telematics in Foreign Trade Logistics and Delivery Management) program, carried out by Finland, Russia and Germany and dedicated to creating a modern logistic system in the North-West of Russia for transportation process support. General telematic model of a logistics system was created which allowed to outline the most important requirements to the logistic system and its components. These requirements were used in gathering and analyzing information about companies operating telecommunications and informatics. Conclusion was made on sufficiency of telecommunication and informatics infrastructure of North-West Region of Russia to built on its base the logistic system with minimum of capital investments.
Investigation of market perspectives of National Semiconductor Corporation (USA) in Russia (1996). Client - free lancing consultant Pertti Karvinen (Finland). A brief analysis of Russian electronics and telecommunication industry and possible ways of co-operation between NSC and Russian companies in electronic components, software and PABX production.
Corporative ISDN network project in Leningrad Region (1995 - 1996). Client - BELAM INC. (USA). Project job which became the base for an equipment complex delivery for the ISDN network built by the Region Taxes Administration.
Detailed list of our most important jobs can be seen here.

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